Community Materials on Climate Change

Bahá'í Learning Resources - Environmental Stewardship and Justice

prepared under the direction of the
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States
for the Preach-in on Climate Change, February 2014

“[I]n the face of the destructive impacts of climate change – exacerbated by the extremes of wealth and poverty – a need for new approaches centered on the principles of justice and equity is apparent... Climate change presents in large measure a moral challenge, requiring humanity to develop a greater sense of stewardship and responsibility for the environment, as well as a greater awareness of the interdependence and oneness of all the earth’s inhabitants.” (Excerpt from “Seizing the Opportunity: Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change,” Bahá'í International Community, 2008)

As indicated in the above quote, Bahá'ís believe that a fundamental component of resolving the climate change challenge will be the cultivation of values, attitudes and skills that give rise to just and sustainable patterns of human interaction with the environment. The engagement of children and youth will be particularly important, as this population will be called upon to exercise leadership and address the dramatic and complex challenges of climate change in the decades to come.

The materials prepared for the IPL Preach-in on Climate Change are intended to supplement three of the “core” activities in which the worldwide Bahá'í community is engaged with others: devotional gatherings, children’s classes and junior youth groups. The purpose of these core activities is to promote the spiritual development of all involved and to channel their collective energy toward service to humanity. We hope that all who draw upon these supplemental materials will find them helpful in cultivating the values and attitudes necessary to successfully address the pressing issue of climate change.

Links to activities:
Devotional Gathering Materials
Supplemental Jr. Youth Group Materials
Supplemental Children’s Class Materials

NOTE: The Children’s Class materials include links to the following PDF files, which are excerpts from Brilliant Star Magazine (March/April 2009):
• p. 4 Happy Earth Day song (Pair with the lesson on Humility)
• p. 5 How Big is Your Footprint (Pair with the lesson on Justice)
• p. 7 Spring Fling Fun (Pair with the lesson on Equity and Compassion)
• p. 10 Message in a Bottle (Pair with the lesson on Kindness)
• p. 20-21 Forest Photo Expedition (Pair with the lesson on Equity and Compassion)
• p. 28 Living in a Green House (Pair with any of the four lessons!)

Additional Baha'i Resources:

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"Seizing the Opportunity: Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change" (2008) (Bahá'í International Community resource document - PDF)

Baha'i International Community's Seven Year Plan of Action on Climate Change (2009)

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Last updated 16 January 2014