Preparing for Public Discourse

Dahl, Arthur Lyon

Preparing for Public Discourse

Materials for individual study or group deepening

Public discourse refers to presenting ideas, concepts, principles, values and other kinds of knowledge and information to others, whether in a meaningful conversation with an individual, a group discussion or meeting, a more public platform or event, at a conference, in social media or in publications. It is open to everyone, and is complementary to social action, through which your deeds should be coherent with your words.

One of the main purposes of the International Environment Forum is to contribute to public discourse relevant to the environment and sustainability, in particular by providing perspectives inspired by the Bahá'í Faith, its teachings and community experience. The IEF website is full of examples of public discourse in its conferences, statements and newsletters, and it provides many resources that you can use to prepare yourself for public discourse.

Given the importance for everyone to participate in public discourse, building this capacity is one way for the IEF to fulfil its mission. The materials provided here can help you to prepare for public discourse, both concerning the methods and content, with a focus on the environmental, social and economic dimensions relevant to sustainability, the need for global governance, and how to start in your local community.

With the accelerating problems that the world is facing today, it is so important to offer positive ways forward, founded where possible both in the latest science and in spiritual principles. These materials are only examples, based on a set of lectures and discussion sessions, but they should inspire you to go much further, building on your own capacity and in your own context.

Five presentations on Preparing for Public Discourse are proposed here, both as pdf files you can read here or download, and as powerpoint presentations that you can download, edit and adapt.

Environment pdf and ppt

Social justice pdf and ppt

Economic justice pdf and ppt
Detachment from consumerism; Principles for an alternative economy

Peace and global governance pdf and ppt

Enabling discourse in local communities pdf and ppt

Document with all the basic texts for the presentations: pdf

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Last updated 7 September 2022