Interfaith Prayers for the success of Stockholm+50

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2022 June 1
Mynttorget Square, Stockholm, Sweden

Interfaith Prayers for the success of Stockholm+50

Organised by the Swedish Interfaith Council
in Mynttorget Square close to the Parliament building
1 June 2022

On 1 June 2022, the day before the UN Stockholm+50 International Meeting, representatives of many faith traditions in the Swedish Interfaith Council gathered in Mynttorget Square across the bridge from the Parliament building to offer Interfaith Prayers for the success of Stockholm+50. Each representative offered a prayer or reflection in their own tradition, demonstrating the unity of religions faced with the environmental challenges addressed at Stockholm+50.

Interfaith representatives
Interfaith representatives who offered prayers

Part of the audience
Part of the audience in the prayer circle

Baha'i participant reading a prayer . Some other Baha'is present
Baha'i participant shares a prayer; Baha'is present included Cedric Akermark, Nogol Rahbin and Augusto Lopez-Claros

Faith representatives prepare to pray
Faith representatives prepare to pray

By chance, a large police presence was also in the square, but was very friendly.

Stockholm police
Stockholm police in the square

Stockholm mounted police
Stockholm mounted police

The event was organized by the Swedish Interfaith Council, the Baha'is of Sweden and others, with IEF collaboration.

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