Organization of IEF

While the IEF is a "virtual" organization without legal status, it does operate according to statutes that define its purpose and organization, and applies Bahá'í principles of administration. A Governing Board elected at an Annual General Assembly guides the IEF, decides on membership, and organizes its activities. It has recently adopted the IEF Nine-year Strategic Plan 2022-2031 to guide its activities for the coming decade.


The annual General Assembly is the opportunity for the membership to elect the Governing Board of the IEF, review the activities of the past year as described in the Annual Report, consult on future activities and make recommendations to the Governing Board. Members can participate in person, over e-mail, or by an Internet connection when conditions permit. Here are the reports of all the IEF General Assemblies.


The Governing Board is elected each year by the world-wide membership without nominations or campaigning by e-voting and during the General Assembly.

Arthur Dahl (Switzerland) - President

Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen (Netherlands)

Laurent Mesbah (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Wendi Momen (United Kingdom)

Christine Muller (USA) - General Secretary

Victoria Thoresen (Norway)

Halldor Thorgeirsson (Iceland)

Last updated 11 October 2022